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2012-2015 in Taiwan

There are 2 people in the house, consist ahgong (93yo stroke) and ahma (still healthy). Her duties is handle all general housework, washing clothes,sometime cooking. She need to takecare ahgong, bathing, feeding, change diapers, give medicine, bring to hospital, do exercise.

2015-2018 in Taiwan

There are 3 people in the house (2adult and ahgong 89 yo). Her duties is takecare ahgong, bathing, feeding, give medicine, bring to hospital. She also need to handle all general housework, washing clothes, cooking

Divorced (38)
Ref: JF-18-1314S
Upd on 15-Aug-18


Only ahgong (85yo,complication but still can walk) Her duties is handle all general housework, washing & ironing clothes, cooking. She need accompany ahgong, prepare meal, give medicine, massage, bring exercise

Married (34)
Ref: SPO18182
Upd on 08-Aug-18
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